We are the recognized and well-established tourism incorporation dealing with the traditional Japanese cultural and different other courses. We offer more than 20 courses including “Kimono”, “Tea ceremony”, “Geisha cruise”, “Susi Making” etc. More we offer other package traditional Japanese sports like watching “Sumo wrestling” and “Karate”. The medical tourism packages are of the courses offering at clinic inside the Hotel New Otani Tokyo (Five Star Hotel). Take the medical examination in luxury environment with fine Japanese technology. We have well equipped with hi-tech and our staff are also well experienced. Please checkup your health together with discovering japan. We have recently developed the Kyokushin Karate package which is wonderful karate experience. We offer the verities of course, such as Gay bar tour (unique gay traditional culture of japan.) Experience the Japan! Experience the origin of Japonism! Let us make yours japan tour wonderful.

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medical tour
Medical Tour

Medical Tourism

It is a cancer test through your blood test. We have highly sophisticated technology to test the different cancer tests by your single drop of blood. Forget the complicated and time-consuming process of undergoing through hospital examinations. Are you afraid of syringe? No more pain. We do care you with our advance technology. No more blood loss just a single drop. It’s highly recommended to the busy person you may not have time to care your health, just give us a single minute to sampling, we just took your 0.06 ml blood and in total it is just 15-minute process. We use our sophisticated latest technology to collect the blood that can collect blood without damaging the blood cell. Most advanced medical technology in Japan: Just a drop of blood can check risk of cancer completely! Features Painless! Easy! fast! High precision! It is a blood test. Easy! Syringe not needed! Recommended for busy people too! High precision! Equivalent to blood tests received at a hospital! Quick and convenient! The result reaches the application after 2 days More we provide, Male Cancer Examination Female Cancer Examination Lifestyle Disease Examination Type B and C Hepatitis Test